On Ayu's Live Concerts

I've decided to scour the internet in search of all of Ayumi Hamasaki's recorded live concerts. This includes Countdown Lives of all years and all Concert, Dome, Arena and Asia Tours. Yes, it's been quite a task, but I'm doing well so far. I've got almost every CDL. My computer is not liking me right now. I keep having to transfer unneeded documents to my external hard drive to make room for the videos. LOL. I will manage.



Ayu's Charity T-Shirt


The t-shirt will go on sale this Thursday, and will only be sold for a few days! Be sure to order!


On Obsession

I've become so personally involved with the events in Japan to the point where it's giving me a headache. If I were my friend, I would slap myself. I really need to get myself together. This isn't healthy. I can't stop talking about it. I'm sure my boyfriend has heard enough, haha. The ringing in my ears, the screaming in my sleep... UGH! This isn't right! I just need to disconnect~ fall into mindless thought and do nothing.
Thank goodness spring break is next week. I hope I make it!


Update on Japan

So completely devastating, I want to go there and help with relief efforts with my own hands. I truly do. Donating is not enough for me. I want to search among the rubble for survivors. I pray for Japan~