Beauty Secrets: Aloe Juice

I know what you're thinking. Aloe... juice? Bleh! Yes, I'm sure you know aloe as a topical analgesic for sunburn and other cuts and scrapes, but when aloe leaves are cut and squeezed the juice can be ingested and has tremendous health benefits, especially for the skin! Himes and gyarus, when you want your skin to look young and fresh, try this delicious and healthy drink.
I found a 52oz. bottle at my local grocer for $2.99! Check the organic foods section

Not only for skin, aloe juice will help regulate digestion and can relieve heartburn.
Aloe juice (or aloe water) has a fresh grape flavor and contains bits of aloe leaf which are juicy and chewy. Don't be afraid, the texture isn't gross! This is definitely one of my favorite drinks ever and really helps moisturize my skin. Try it out!



  1. ekk those juice taste like shampoo..
    not that i tasted shampoo but it smelt like
    shampoo ;c

  2. You think so? But shampoo smells so good! LOL