Learning for everyone!

First off,
Whoa, 3 followers! ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

Hey man, it all begins somewhere. I'm just happy that people are reading this silly blog. Really, thank you so much! (^ε^)
I'm still trying to get into the habit of blogging. The semester just started and I'm in my senior year (finally!) so I'm try to be as dedicated as I can do all of the things I love.
Also, I'm still learning how to be Hime Gyaru, so I'm not exactly sure what to write about most of the time. I appreciate your patience and your loyalty!
I've started curling my hair almost daily, doing big-eyed makeup and wearing heels (ow, my legs!) to gently adopt Gyaru style.I promise to post pictures soon! I'm like a Gyaru maiko. LOL

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I think it's important to know about Japanese culture if one wants to adopt a Japan-originated lifestyle. Too often I see people dressing in Japanese styles, shouting Japanese words they know little meaning of, all because they've seen a few animes and they assume they know everything about Japan. 
This is probably my biggest pet peeve.
I'm not saying that I expect everyone to learn Japanese fluently or memorize Japanese history, but really, please learn something other than "kawaii."
My minor in school is Japanese. I'm not fluent by ANY means, but I could get by if I were in Japan. It boils my blood when I hear someone call themselves "otaku." Apparently, in Northern America, it is known as "geek," as in "obsessed with anime and videogames lol" geek.
But really, "otaku" means house in Japanese. Our sensei taught us how otaku went from being "house" to "geek," and it's not very flattering. Tsutomu Miyazaki in 1989 became known as the "otaku murderer." He secluded himself in his basement, slaving hours and hours over anime and horror movies until he snapped and killed four young girls. Now, do YOU want to be known as an otaku? Hmm?

Japan is more than anime, hentai, pocky and Naruto, people! Please, take time to learn about the language, the culture, the history, even if it's just a little bit.



Adorable and different hairstyles!

binosusume on youtube has completely awesome hair tutorials that are easy to follow and are perfect for Hime Gyarus. This one is my current favorite:

Most of the styles require long hair, but I'm sure you could alter the directions a bit to work with shorter hair :) I have shoulder-length hair, so I'm trying the ribbon tutorial with just the top section of my hair. I'll post pictures when it's done!

Click here for more tutorials: binosusume @ youtube




Beauty Secrets: Aloe Juice

I know what you're thinking. Aloe... juice? Bleh! Yes, I'm sure you know aloe as a topical analgesic for sunburn and other cuts and scrapes, but when aloe leaves are cut and squeezed the juice can be ingested and has tremendous health benefits, especially for the skin! Himes and gyarus, when you want your skin to look young and fresh, try this delicious and healthy drink.
I found a 52oz. bottle at my local grocer for $2.99! Check the organic foods section

Not only for skin, aloe juice will help regulate digestion and can relieve heartburn.
Aloe juice (or aloe water) has a fresh grape flavor and contains bits of aloe leaf which are juicy and chewy. Don't be afraid, the texture isn't gross! This is definitely one of my favorite drinks ever and really helps moisturize my skin. Try it out!



Shopping: DreamV

Finding Gyaru clothing online can be troublesome; most of the websites are in Japanese and don't do international shipping and prices can be pretty high. Luckily, Rakuten.jp has a very wide variety of Japanese goods that includes Hime and Gyaru clothing at a reasonable price.

A particular store featured on Rakuten is DreamV. I am completely in love with the styles they have. Check it out for yourself!
Only $36 for this beautiful coat!

Don't you adore the heel on this shoe? My God!
DreamV features tons of styles from casual Gyaru to elegant Hime. Best of all, the site is in English. Wee!

Once I get paid I'm totally going on a shopping spree and getting myself this purse.
The pink one... *drool*


Hime Gyaru Nails #1

A very important thing that Gyarus need to concern themselves with is their fingernails. Long, sparkly and FULL of accessories, these beauties are truly a work of art!

 These may be a little extreme, but you can see the amount of work that goes into nail art. As much as I would love to wear this style, can you imagine doing anything with those nails? I think a slightly toned-down style would be just as pretty and more practical for everyday chores and such.
Below is a picture of my first attempt at Hime Gyaru nails. I didn't have many supplies or accessories, so it's a bit simple. I did a baby pink base and a pinkish red nail tip. I placed a pink gemstone on the ring finger on my left hand and the first finger on my right hand. For the gemless nails, I lined the tip with white dots. To finish, I painted the top half of the nails with sparkling polish. What do you think? ^_^

It really was very fun to make and I look forward to my next experiment.