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First off,
Whoa, 3 followers! ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

Hey man, it all begins somewhere. I'm just happy that people are reading this silly blog. Really, thank you so much! (^ε^)
I'm still trying to get into the habit of blogging. The semester just started and I'm in my senior year (finally!) so I'm try to be as dedicated as I can do all of the things I love.
Also, I'm still learning how to be Hime Gyaru, so I'm not exactly sure what to write about most of the time. I appreciate your patience and your loyalty!
I've started curling my hair almost daily, doing big-eyed makeup and wearing heels (ow, my legs!) to gently adopt Gyaru style.I promise to post pictures soon! I'm like a Gyaru maiko. LOL

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I think it's important to know about Japanese culture if one wants to adopt a Japan-originated lifestyle. Too often I see people dressing in Japanese styles, shouting Japanese words they know little meaning of, all because they've seen a few animes and they assume they know everything about Japan. 
This is probably my biggest pet peeve.
I'm not saying that I expect everyone to learn Japanese fluently or memorize Japanese history, but really, please learn something other than "kawaii."
My minor in school is Japanese. I'm not fluent by ANY means, but I could get by if I were in Japan. It boils my blood when I hear someone call themselves "otaku." Apparently, in Northern America, it is known as "geek," as in "obsessed with anime and videogames lol" geek.
But really, "otaku" means house in Japanese. Our sensei taught us how otaku went from being "house" to "geek," and it's not very flattering. Tsutomu Miyazaki in 1989 became known as the "otaku murderer." He secluded himself in his basement, slaving hours and hours over anime and horror movies until he snapped and killed four young girls. Now, do YOU want to be known as an otaku? Hmm?

Japan is more than anime, hentai, pocky and Naruto, people! Please, take time to learn about the language, the culture, the history, even if it's just a little bit.


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