Circle Lenses

Achieving a dolly-eyed look is essential for many Himes. Circle lenses, an Asian trend creeping its way into the Americas, are intended to make your irises look bigger as well as giving them bold colors. I've never worn contacts before, but I bought a pair yesterday so I am excited to give them a try! I will post pictures when they arrive :)
Check out yesstyle.com to see their circle lens collection!
I purchased this color, "Nudy Pink!"

You can see how much bigger the eyes look :)
Of course, there is controversy with these. Like all contacts, they can scratch your eye. Make sure you take proper care of them, that's all. And don't wear them for longer than the maximum period allotted.
Also, make sure you are buying genuine lenses. GEO is a reputable brand that offers an authenticity check with each lens you buy.


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