Beauty Secrets: Taking care of Hime hair

Let's face it; Hime hair goes through some MAJOR stress! Heated and burned with curling and flat irons, clipped and pulled with bows and accessories, and drowned in hair spray. Growing long hair isn't easy, especially with all of the mean things we do to our hair. But you can nourish your hair daily and protect it so it can stay soft and avoid damage as much as possible.

Use a heat-recovering shampoo & conditioner:
Look for products that are special for those who use heated styling items frequently. TRESemme makes a great set that I use that is inexpensive and easy to find. This formula concentrates on restoring moisture to your thirsty head. I notice extra softness with this versus a regular conditioner because I curl my hair almost daily. Give it a try!

Protect your hair before styling:
If you've ever used a flatiron, you may have noticed a steam come off your hair. Yeah, that's not good. That is moisture literally being sucked out of your precious hair.  Using a special cream or spray before using a heated product will protect that from happening. No burning will result! Plus, your hair will be less frizzy and more shiny once you're done.

Take a day for your hair to relax:
At least one day a week, do nothing with your hair. That's right! After washing, let it dry naturally. Give it a break from all products and let it air out. If you want extra softness, condition your hair and place a shower cap on your head for a few hours to really let the conditioner soak in. Wash it out with cool water and the softness with amaze you.

Have fun!

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