Hime Gyaru Nails #1

A very important thing that Gyarus need to concern themselves with is their fingernails. Long, sparkly and FULL of accessories, these beauties are truly a work of art!

 These may be a little extreme, but you can see the amount of work that goes into nail art. As much as I would love to wear this style, can you imagine doing anything with those nails? I think a slightly toned-down style would be just as pretty and more practical for everyday chores and such.
Below is a picture of my first attempt at Hime Gyaru nails. I didn't have many supplies or accessories, so it's a bit simple. I did a baby pink base and a pinkish red nail tip. I placed a pink gemstone on the ring finger on my left hand and the first finger on my right hand. For the gemless nails, I lined the tip with white dots. To finish, I painted the top half of the nails with sparkling polish. What do you think? ^_^

It really was very fun to make and I look forward to my next experiment. 


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