Day 5

Day 05- A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life


I want to pick my boyfriend, Matt. 

Just before we had really started talking, I had ended a very difficult relationship, and was at the end of another terrible one. I was so ready to give up with trying to find that "Prince Charming." Yeah, to me, emotional abuse was normal in a relationship, and I got used to being the only one who put time into anything for two people. I convinced myself that I was supposed to act a certain way in order to be loved. I found that I could never say what I wanted, be what I wanted, do what I wanted without scrutiny. I thought I felt love, but it was nothing.

You are the perfect man. You are a Prince. When you and I were flirting and giggling, I was never so nervous. I could see it in your eyes, too. Since then, I couldn't stop thinking of you, and I haven't stopped. Do I deserve such grace, kindness, and love? Laughing together, laying together, crying together is the best time of my life. Every morning, you are my first thought, and your goodnight kiss lulls me to sleep. You've made me happy, you've made me confident, you've made me whole. I love you so much.

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