Inexpensive Accessories

Diamonds, pearls, roses, hearts, bows, lace, ribbons, wings and crowns! These are just a few things that we Himes must have in our jewelry boxes. But honestly, it can get a little expensive.

I live in New England, and there's a small chain store here called "Temptation." Everything in this store sparkles and is completely gorgeous, but is really quite a steal as far as price goes! If you can find this store, please check it out!

Awesome wing ring - $9.99

Crown bobby pin - $1.99
I also bought a pearl necklace ($9.99) and a lace headband ($3.99). If you search, you can find some great stuff.

Etsy.com is a great website also. It's kind of like an ebay of things hand-made by people. Just search "hime" or "gyaru" and you'll find tons of things!


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