On Fortunes

Somewhere there is someone writing sayings, silly sayings that may mean nothing on the surface. Their life has brought them there, through series of events, both happy and sad. Do they secretly wish that someone would send them a fortune, to which they would change their life accordingly? Are they waiting for a clue? No one knows their true calling, do they?
One night, particularly on a night where you don't feel like sticking to any diet you've minimally attempted and crave the taste of the General, you get a small order of food from our local Chinese restaurant for two. After eating, you open the fragile sweet cookie that contains that plain piece of paper. Of course, you read the back first. "Learn Chinese. Chicken,  Jī" But your fortune, that is something that sticks with you for days, to which you refer to again and again. 

What can you say for this? There are so many ways to interpret fortunes, and that is why I love them. They are cryptic and beautiful.


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