Day 9 & 10

Wow, sorry. I have been SO swamped with schoolwork XD

Day 09- Five things you want to see change


I really want to see my family get mentally healthy. 
I really want to be less lazy.
I want money to stop being the biggest issue in the entire world. Can't we appreciate each other?
I want to be more comfortable with intimacy.
I want to stop having headaches

Day 10- A dream you had this past week described in detail.
Oh geez. Every single night I have a freaking weird dream... but here's last night.
For some reason, me and a bunch of other students from my research methods 1 class with Dr. Fallon were at Dr. Fallon's house. It was pretty late at night and Dr. Fallon was sending us home. I hung around for a while and just went through her house, looking at things. I looked out of the window in front and saw an old lady sitting in a car, STARING inside. I looked away quickly, thinking I had just seen something from my imagination. I looked again, and the lady was saying something, but I couldn't hear. Suddenly, Dr. Fallon came out to get the old lady, her mother I suppose? When she went out to get her, suddenly the old lady SLAMMED the gas, slamming the garage and running over the hood of my car. I was so pissed XD

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